NukePro, a brilliant 'citizen investigative reporter'

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This page is dedicated to Nukepro / stock, a very brilliant person and investigative journalist in my opinion. NukePro says more truth in any one article than all the national media put together say in a year, maybe ten years, maybe 100 years. Here is NukePro's website url, (above). Go there often and spruce up those neurons in your brain that need stimulation to grow and get healthy and keep you from getting Alzheimer's Disease. Besides, he has lots of charts, pictures, youtubes and so on to engage your intellect and let you weigh the facts and come to your own conclusions.

"stock here: Folks if you like this type of Citizen Sleuthing and Reporting, sign up as a follower on [NukePro's site], and do a share on Facebook, twitter, everything you got, even do the Google G+1.  Thank you very much."

Monday, August 28, 2017

Monday, October 19, 2015

Fukushima Is Here, This Month the EPA Shut Off The Beta Radiation Monitors Because Strontium 90 is Beta Type