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Greek theatre masks ancient Greeks held on sticks over their faces when performing, like in Japanese Noh drama. Greek theatre showed relationships of humans to God - people learnt the hard way. This drama evolved from one-act plays with few scenes, to modern three-act plays with several scenes in each act, then Bertolt Brecht flees Nazi Germany in the early 1930s to escape to Hollywood, where he creates the modern tv drama and movie script that discards 3-acts replacing them with progressions of scenes with a start of 30 mins, a middle of 60 mins & ending of 30 mins ...ultimately about the relationship of humanity to itself and God why we are here, joy & sorrow of everyday life, war & peace, persecution & sanctuary on a staircase from one character trait, to its opposite: ignorance to awareness; love to hate, coward to hero, peace to war; gentleness to brutality like that. Greek dramatists showed Destiny as a divinity in augur & Fate as how you wrecked it.

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Animal Collage

 The Low Anthem - Ghost Woman Blues Dad's family was Jewish from Poland, Belarus, Ukraine & Russia which over the centuries flowed in and out of each other like tides; Mom's family was Jewish from Austria. My genetics is from the parts of the world where Jews were tortured and slain by Nazis financed by western central bankster warlords ... it took me 63 years to learn enough to be able to say these words authoritatively as an investigative reporter following national security, foreign affairs and nuclear waste and fallout from the perspectives of whistle blowers and as a peace activist and writer. I am 75 years old and this is my story. . insert

(Dad was in the U.S. Air Force; Mom worked Manhattan Project)

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41,000 people a day get fatal & non-fatal cancer from nuclear industry waste & fallout, (here) –&– Women & girls who live within 25 miles of a nuclear reactor get more cancer than men, boys or those living farther away, (here) –&–  Documentation, medical & science, (here)