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(19-of-19) If the birds and the bees and the flowers and the trees could talk, they would clearly say Judaic-Christian culture is again witnessing Nazi boot heels trying to crush out God, Divine Law & Spirituality on the sidewalk like a cigarette butt ...tweet that.

When the U.S. under the financial dictatorship of the Fed/City of London incorporated Nazi intelligencers, Nazi rocket scientists & engineers and Nazi biological warfare scientists into the U.S. fabric, it was not known the extent to which this would lead: Nazism was built to eradicate Judaic-Christian morality and equality and turn society into a pagan male dominated phallic society where winner takes all and the ends justify the means. That has begotten the social ills we face, today.

Perhaps the worship of science over the worship of the sanctity of Life is a result, the burning of the American flag, the disbelief in a universal creator that is religious in nature but leads those with feeling to true spirituality ...are what the nazis of desire try to eliminate instead promoting personal sensualism and self gratification over universal community and sharing.

The fascism you see in the streets of Portland Oregon, Multnomah County Antifa United Nations County is a testament of the vain and uneducated and heartless and stupid and brainwashed people who end up in government feeding off tax money from those who create products for sale, here at the gubernatorial and mayorial and county supervisory, State and Federal levels ...and across the United States. 

Great civilizations fall from within. Common sense is that everyone have food and shelter and clothing and medical care and security against bullying at individual and State levels. Personal wealth should have a cap. Everyone should be paid the same wage in order to survive. And those that try to overpower other people or other countries with bullying or dogma or stock markets or violence should be imprisoned or dispatched.

Every single and qualified person should be armed and trained until the mentally ill are institutionalized, the criminally insane executed, the sociopathic divested and imprisoned, the evil incapacitated and the selfish have their possessions and income capped. We live in a society of adult children who haven't learned the rules of the road and how to share (and no idea why they are on Earth in the first place ...which is to respect Mother Earth and care for it and to nurture life) ... and we remain at their mercy.