Training and Certification

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Aging thru Art

Evidentiary Cognitive Development for

Seniors and Special Needs & Gifted Kids

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Training and Certification

... is a program for artists, performing artists, caregivers and administors, where they are trained to apply creative aging techniques and modalities to maintain and enhance senior cognition. This program is modeled after programs on the west coast at The Northwest Center for Creative Aging in Seattle, Washington; and programs on the East Coast in New York City: The Creative Center at University Settlement, and Lifetime Arts, offering a national directory of K-12 teaching artists and organizations and holding training workshops for K-12 art teachers introducing the emerging creative aging field and job opportunities, and Arts & Aging Toolkit, designed for leaders and program staff in public, nonprofit, and for-profit arts and humanities organizations and institutions and in healthcare and aging services organizations, corporations, and institutions.

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