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Since March 2011, Fukushima has doubled the existing amount of fallout in the world that you are exposed to, that shows up in the food you eat, the water you drink, and the air you breathe … as a species.

The Fukushima fallout amount is described as the same as 500 Nagasaki plutonium-nuclear bombs exploded in the sky …plus, another 500 plutonium-nuclear bombs exploded in the sea. Can we now double the estimated additional surplus death toll?

If you see though your mind’s eye, consider beside humans other mammals who breathe the same air, drink the same water and eat plants and fruits grown in the same soil as our food, watered by the same nuclear rain-through and touched by the same nuclear ground shine.  Double the death toll again, if you include animals ...death and sickness created by the nuclear industry.

The excess human death toll in the United States since 2011 from Fukushima fallout according to epidemiologists is 20,000 human deaths.


06:41 PM Jan 19, 2012 -2317- 20,000 excess U.S. deaths after Fukushima, not 14,000-2317- 20,000 excess U.S. deaths after Fukushima, not 14,000? …looks at age groups, cities VIDEO

Perhaps by now 100,000, and counting. Now again, consider animals on land in the United States.  Now, consider animals in the sea. Now again, across the northern hemisphere.Consider this: 1,000,000 cancers from Fukushima in Japan over the next 20 years - first thyroid, then lung, organ, brain then leukemia.  To date (c. 2012), Fukushima fallout in North America is estimated 400,000,000,000,000 Bq Cesium-137 – resulting in cancer if one particle is ingested.

The increased amount of cancer in women worldwide parallels the rise & fall of nuclear testing and nuclear power. Research reveals fallout and the nuclear energy business is more dangerous to women, life in the womb, infants and girls than to men and boys.

The increased amount of cancer in mammals (including human) worldwide parallels the rise of nuclear testing, the nuclear power industry, use of depleted uranium weapons, as well as normal, and catastrophic and cataclysmic nuclear energy events …all-the-while new research documents low level exposure to radionuclides over long periods of Time appears more dangerous to Life Everlasting, than sudden upchucks.

Surplus human death as a result of atmospheric nuclear testing since 1945 is counted by epidemiologists at 60,000,000 deaths. And, 120,000,000 cancers from radioactive releases. Plus, add in several more million dead babies and fetuses. [Editor's note: Actually, Sister Rosalie has used industry figures and proves 1.2 billion people have gotten fatal or nonfatal cancer from nuclear ...And this does not include other mammals & non-mammals including invertebrates, insects, worms nor trees & plants.

Disease …suffering …mutation and …death from historic atmospheric nuclear testing and leaks from renewed underground testing, and ongoing leaks from the nuclear power industry (not to mention from normal day-to-day operations) and depleted uranium weapons can be slowed down …all we have to do is phase out the nuclear power industry, depleted uranium weapons, decrease nuclear testing …and, in its place, phase in alternative energy.

But listen well, the damage is already done; ongoing consequences cannot be undone or reversed. The cancer rate is now one-in-two.  Soon, thanks to nuclear energy industry, it will be one-in-one. Then it will be two-in one, three-in-one, four-in-one etc, as animals (including people) get multiple brain, eye, skin, bone and organ cancers.  The Life Force is being attacked as never before. Can you feel it? It needs our help.