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(1-of-19 cont)  Here in Portland, Oregon Antifa, United Nations Agenda 21/30, I am scared & buying a shotgun & a pistol two pistols & a rifle ... because the governor & mayor consider the out-of-control Antifia riots burning out stores & murders the last 100-140 days to be peaceful love fests ...recently 'they' broke into stores & pulled out the furniture to fuel bonfires in front of the mayor's condo he moved out the next day.

Oregon's United Nations Agenda 21/30's vampire governor costing everyone their jobs & businesses & withholding unemployment & CARES money to rebuild lives, homes & businesses & instead using it to pay illegal immigrants such as Somalis $590 a week to stay in motels...but doing nothing for the taxpayers, much less the homeless. Since J.P. Morgan had a house & a wife here in Portland Antifa we have a 50-50 chance of blaming JPMorgan/Chase for Antifa and being right without even presenting our evidence that will prove JPMorgan/Chase has a track record of coups to destabilize the United States to destroy democracy in the United States & install a fascist dictatorship, here. I think it's time to have some public hangings of rioters & corrupt politicians so they can see what to look forward to & either stop, be honest, or be hung from 5G towers.

My friend from Jordan who owns the corner store who likes people more than me, says it's out of character for me to buy guns ...well, sort of; but they are old and from another time when people mattered and they are sensual to see & touch. Just look at the pictures of them & you will ...or, won't see (not the nickel 9 mil ...that's formerly a policeman's of Hispanic descent it feels like's only 50 years old & feels like it's supposed to protect & serve). my friend (& I have two or two-and-a-half friends in Portland) just got a shotgun & pistol to defend his store on SE 82nd Avenue. No one expects to have to use them. But, no one ever expects to get raped, either.


(2-of-19, cont from above) Now, if Antifa would burn out the governor, too ... that seems right cause it's a peaceful protest. What you don't know cause you don't live here, is that there are gang wars going on in the middle of the peaceful riots, I guess that makes it even more peaceful. And, that's why the district attorney sets the arrested rioters & gang bangers out the next day without any prosecution or penalty so they can keep being peaceful. So, we're all buying guns because the mayor & district attorney & governor want to defund the police so we all can get peacefully burnt alive or murdered. 

Other than that, I feed feral cats & find them much nicer & sensitive to Mother Nature than central bankers are. Cat's don't follow the money ...we do. Since nuclear industry hurts all living things, let's follow the money on it, okay? ...later, we'll bring it back to those funding chaos & revolution everywhere to hurt us. 


(3-of-19, cont from above) For example, JPMorgan's house in Portland Antifa Oregon has an Olympic sized indoor pool & rivals Hearst Castle & his gardens are full of flowers, butterflies, bees & birds ...but that doesn't stop Jamie Dimon of JPMorganChase from cutting the tops off pristine forested mountains in search of gold, oil, coal & timber ...nor, does it stop the Morgan family from collecting it's cut of taxpayer-paid interest on the national debt each year as a dividend on it's ownership of Fed founding stock.

But, you've got to ask yourself JPMorganChase financing behind the stupidity of Oregon consequently, Portland Antifa? ...and tied in to two local conflicting billionaires, Saltzman (financier) and Schnitzer (builder)? ...the financier wants to scrape the homeless off the streets without rehabilitating them and rent them existing apartments with your tax money ...whereas the builder wants to remove them from blocking the museums and galleries and opera houses he pays for, process and sanitize them and put them into freshly built high rises ... at least at the basement level.

And ask yourself, 'Why is Bill Gates building nuclear reactors in China? ...why is he sterilizing girls in Africa? ...why is he friends with the dead Jeffrey Epstein? ...Why is Fauci on Gate's Foundation board & why did Fauci send 350 million dollars to the lab in Wuhan to work on CV-19 after it was made illegal here in the U.S. cause the DARPA biological warfare labs here in the U.S. were dirty so they shut them down suspecting transmission of CV-19 from animals to people.

(4-of-19 cont from above) Astor's Astoria Oregon is beautiful to behold & overlooks the Pacific Ocean & migrating whales & dolphins, tuna & salmon, herring & the Columbia River. Contrast that to the Waldorf Astoria in NYC located in a sea of concrete fields and trees, cement birds and cement bees, cement souls with luxury suites named after celebrities living-staying there: the Cole Porter Suite, the Royal Suite named after the Duke and Duchess of Windsor (oy, Jeffery Epstein's fare), the MacArthur Suite (an American with fascist tendencies) and the Churchill Suite (a British warlord).
The most expensive room, the Presidential Suite, designed with Georgian-style furniture like the White House was the residence of Herbert Hoover after retirement for over 30 years (who lost $1 billion dollars in Russian leases for timber and gold when the Czar was dispatched in the Russian Revolution and then HH invented anti-communism and the Cold War to get it back (though the communists and Nazis were financed out of New York City thru Ruskombank founded by the Harrimans and George Herbert Walker Bush's wife's grandfather, Herbie Walker who probably also stayed there; and Frank Sinatra kept a suite at the Waldorf Astoria for a decade. 
(5-of-19 cont from above) Oddly enough when the Fed/City of London relocated the Czarist oil community expatriates to Dallas Texas, it was among them that Sergei deMorenshieldt (an Eastern European Nazi who was George H.W. Bush's handler behind the Iron Curtain for Dresser Industries) after Bush graduated Yale (and Skull & Crossbones German Society of the Order of Death) and housed Lee Harvey Oswald, a CIA officer ...meanwhile, long after being engaged to one of Jackie Kennedy's aunts, Sergei's current wife, worked in a garment factory with a fellow named Zapruder...

...and it just happened to be the same Zapruder who made the 'Zapruder film' of President Kennedy's brain being blown out of his head. George Bush was the first person to report the assassination to J. Edgar Hoover (a cross-dresser who ran the FBI with a face like a drunk bulldog who smeared it all up with rouge) who was not related to President Hoover, but was also a rabid anti-communist).  
(6-of-19 cont from above) So naturally, when Allen 'international airport' Dulles – a Wall Street lawyer who not only grub-staked an Arabia warlord named 'Saudi' along with Kim Philby (his counterpart in British intelligence) resulting in changing the country name from Arabia to Saudi Arabia – Dulles, who was head of military intelligence the Office of Strategic Services during WWII and also a triple agent who with his brother represented the Nazi portfolio in the United States and who founded Central Intelligence Agency before the end of WWII first hiring Hitler's chief of intelligence of Foreign Armies East Reinhardt Gehlen then tasked with destroying the Soviet Union also directing Foreign Armies West against the United States and Britain, to run the CIA's anti-Soviet division.

(7-of-19 cont from above) Notwithstanding, when the Fed/City of London Bankers (after financing and outfitting both the Americans and the Germans in WWI, WWII and the development of the 'Atomic Bomb' and creating the United Nations (to serve Rockefeller's World Bank and IMF and Import/Export Bank) in 1947 along with creating Israel and Pakistan both in areas of differing but coexistent religions and geographically strategic to the poppy fields in Afghanistan and the Mid-East the revenue of which along with slave trading financed the American and British blue bloods in whose banks the drug and slave money was laundered ... this nefarious group the Fed/City of London bankers after getting NSC-68 in place authorizing the use of domestic psychological warfare (calling it, The Crusade for Freedom) against the United States choose Ronald Reagan to be their anti-communist spokesperson and get him a TV show called, Death Valley Days sponsored by General Electric (who built the faulty designed to fail nuclear reactors at Hanford and Fukushima...

...and continued the Nazi propaganda that the Russians were our real enemies ... even though it was Russia in WWI who defeated the Germans and again in WWII defeated the Nazis was a dream come true for Reagan, especially since he was already an FBI informer when he was head of Actors Guild in Hollywood this was right up his alley. Go figure.

So Bechtel Corporation and Hoover Institute out of Stanford University start grooming Reagan from the late forties/early fifties for his eventual California Governorship followed by his Presidency.

(8-of-19 cont from above) Reinhardt Gehlen promoted the Cold War up thru or just before the Reagan/Bush Administration (that Adminstration defunded mental hospitals that eventually created the homeless crises,) providing fake intelligence to the Cold Warriors who were determined to get back the holdings Herbert Hoover lost ...and did so successfully after continuing WWII in Eastern Europe in the '90s, exactly where they had started WWI in 1914 ...very poetic indeed a rhyme of some sort perhaps in murder and slaughter and genocide...

... because it all hit the fan a few years earlier as a going away gift for Ronald Reagan, when the national papers outed the Republic National Heritage Committee housed in the White House as an official part of the Republican Party that got out the ethnic vote for Reagan and Bush, was led by about 10 terrorist death squad leaders from Eastern Europe who subsequently Bush deployed in a bloody full court press against Eastern Europe and Soviet Russia which culminated in the recovery of the Baku Oil fields that had been lost in the Russian Revolution about a century (almost) earlier. That was given to Standard Oil, a Rockefeller company ...(just like Trump gave Syria's oil fields to Standard/Chevron most recently, as I recall) ...and the Bush regime put Putin into power to rule Russia, where he remains to this day and perhaps always will. 

(9-of-19 cont from above) Consequently, in the same way CIA created and funded the mythological Al Qaeda & magic bullets used by their patsy operative Lee Harvey Oswald, they, Fed/City of London and Tavistock apparently with help from Soros in concert with Fed/City of London founding stock owners, have created our domestic terrorist army, Antifa ...taking over (not to mention, re-naming) Portland Antifa and the American consciousness to defund the police, our only weapon against them save the National Guard and U.S. Military. But let's get on with our website. 

(10-of-19 cont from above) Kids, their pets & wild animals not only get Hanford fallout, but just across the river we get to have a working nuclear plant mutating all kinds of animals specially eastward ...Columbia Generating Station.

Here in Portland Antifa Oregon, we not only have the least ethical & intelligent Mayor and Governor imaginable that support Antifa riots and call them 'peaceful demonstrations', but the Governor refuses to fix the unemployment software & instead pockets the interest on the 70 million dollars allocated to fix it 5 or 10 years ago ...but we have a whole bunch of local billionaires not being hassled by Antifa, at all. For example, take the Saltzman or Schnitzer fortunes you can only call unfortunate. They all fiddle while Portland burns ...and Antifa spreads out to the burbs ...the hood.

Nuclear actually mutates the pregnancies of mammals (including people)

And, just over the river is beautiful Washington State and several hours away one of the richest nerds in the world who's actually trying to run the whole world with all the money he's ripped off by overcharging us ...about $150 billion dollars. Isn't that great? Guess what Antifa has in store for Washington State, 1-here

(11-of-19 cont from above) And, for your State. Ain't it grand that Gates is building nuclear reactors in China and at the same time Fauci is on his foundation board and Fauci sent CV-19 over to the Wuhan lab along with $350 million dollars and Fauci caused the biological warfare attack on the U.S. by doing that, the little sneak. (It's a good thing him and Bill Gates are patenting a 'vaccine' and will make a zillion dollars on it ...isn't it?) I mean, why should it be free, that would just save human lives & Gates is for UN 21/30 that calls for 90% depopulation Fauci's been lying all along, not to mention Gates. And, just today, CDC reported (2-here) that only 9,500 people in the U.S. died from CV-19, not 160,000 as the globalist Fed/City of London coup attempt bankers & their apologists, and simple folks maintain. Lesson number one: their money came out of your pocket. 

The Life Force is under attack as never before ...can you feel it?

Children & other baby mammals (like whales, dolphins, seals, horses, donkeys, cows, goats, dogs, cats) have destruction of DNA, lethal & nonlethal cancers, heart attacks & immune deficiency diseases) from nuclear in common ...& DNA mutations in trees, flowers, insects, birds, reptiles, starfish, pelicans, sea birds, too; every living organism is slowly or quickly hurt or mutated by nuclear industry ...nuclear even mutates viruses & bacteria to form new & mysterious diseases for ocean- & land animals

(12-of-19 cont from above) Currently, children and other baby mammals, as well as adults, are terribly suffering worldwide from nuclear power. And, the legion of evil doing this to us are persecuting whistleblowers. Even the trees and flowers and insects and birds and reptiles and whales and dolphins and starfish and pelicans and sea birds and cows, horses, dogs and cats and everything living that reproduces itself after its own kind, have their DNA in the crosshairs of nuclear madmen owned and governed by the G8 and International Monetary Fund and World Bank and Bank of International Settlements …the western central banks, that have become the new face of the Inquisition, carelessly killing all who do not worship money and even those who do, and bent on destroying Natural Order, Gaia and Divine Order. Now, hidden and aided by Chinese central banks.

It is our view that the increased amount of cancer in women worldwide parallels the rise of nuclear testing and the nuclear power industry …and heightening cancer rates in females and males, alike; (although new research reveals fallout and the nuclear energy business is more dangerous to women, in utero life in the womb, infants and girls than to men and boys).

In other words, we argue the increased amount of cancer in mammals (including human) worldwide parallels the rise of nuclear testing, the nuclear power industry, use of depleted uranium weapons, as well as normal, and catastrophic and cataclysmic nuclear energy events …all-the-while new research documents low level exposure to radionuclides over long periods of Time appears more dangerous to Life Everlasting, than sudden upchucks.

Surplus human death as a result of atmospheric nuclear testing since 1945 are counted by epidemiologists at 60,000,000 deaths. And, 120,000,000 cancers from radioactive releases. Plus, add in several more million dead babies and fetuses. [Editor's note: Actually, Sister Rosalie has used industry figures and proves 1.2 billion people have gotten fatal or nonfatal cancer from nuclear ...And this does not include other mammals & non-mammals including invertebrates, insects, worms nor trees & plants.] 

Since March 2011, Fukushima has doubled the existing amount of fallout in the world, that you are exposed to, that shows up in the food you eat, the water you drink, and the air you breathe … as a species.  The Fukushima fallout amount is described as the same as 500 Nagasaki plutonium-nuclear bombs exploded in the sky …plus, another 500 plutonium-nuclear bombs exploded in the sea. So, can we now double the estimated additional surplus death toll?

Sure. If you see though your mind’s eye, consider beside humans other mammals who breathe the same air and drink the same water and eat plants and fruits grown in the same soil as our food, watered by the same nuclear rain-through and touched by the same nuclear ground shine.  In our opinion, you can double the death toll again, if you include animals, created by the nuclear industry.

The excess human death toll in the United States since 2011 from Fukushima fallout according to epidemiologists is 20,000 human deaths.[-2317- 20,000 excess U.S. deaths after Fukushima, not 14,000? … looks at age groups, cities]  Perhaps bynow 100,000, and counting. Now again, consider animals on land in the United States.  Now, consider animals in the sea. Now again, across the northern hemisphere.

06:41 PM Jan 19, 2012 -2317- 20,000 excess U.S. deaths after Fukushima, not 14,000? …age groups, cities VIDEO

Consider this: 1,000,000 cancers from Fukushima in Japan over the next 20 years - first thyroid, then lung, organ, brain then leukemia.  To date (c. 2012), Fukushima fallout in North America is estimated 400,000,000,000,000 Bq Cesium-137 – resulting in cancer if one particle is ingested.

Ongoing- …new disease …suffering …mutation and …death from historic atmospheric nuclear testing and leaks from renewed underground testing, and ongoing leaks from the nuclear power industry (not to mention from normal day-to-day operations) and depleted uranium weapons can be slowed down …all we have to do is phase out the nuclear power industry, depleted uranium weapons, decrease nuclear testing …and, in its place, phase in alternative energy.

But listen well, the damage is already done; ongoing consequences cannot be undone or reversed. The cancer rate is now one-in-two.  Soon, thanks to nuclear energy industry, it will be one-in-one. Then it will be two-in one, three-in-one, four-in-one etc, as animals (including people) get multiple brain, eye, skin, bone and organ cancers.  The Life Force is being attacked as never before. Can you feel it? It needs our help.


Want us to name those who's doing it? ...or not

(13-of-19 cont from above) Wouldn't it be somethin' if the same bankers not only own the military industrial nuclear establishment, but also own all the corporations polluting the planet, making global warming, climate change, and making animals in the ocean extinct?

...I mean, then if we got rid of the bankers killing adults, boys and girls and animals on land and in the ocean ...and got rid of their corporations, we'd get rid of those problems and save humanity and the animal kingdom, overnight. That's old fashioned common sense is all that is common sense?


(14-of-19 cont from above) And here is Portland Antifa, land of the freaks and home of the brazen, we're on the receiving end of another of the richest men in the world, George Soros! ...who pays human trash $26 an hour to travel around the country to break windows, burn down businesses of people of color, demolish statues and try to trap people in buildings in order to burn them alive. Well, our Governor and Mayor are right's a love fest of peaceful demonstrators.

Why would anyone want to destabilize the United States & at the same time destroy girls, earth, oceans,

animals & pets with nuclear & with CV-19 biological warfare ...anyway? ...(could it be, for money?)

Yes, it could be. For money. Can you imagine, just because Soros soars then crashes gold and stock markets playing off one another to rip off countries from America to Australia and from Hungary to Honduras, and just because he hires agents provocateurs to destabilize countries with fake demonstrations and armed conflict straight out of the Central Intelligence Agency playbook using the same techniques they use to wipe out and colonize countries in Africa, Central & South America, Eastern Europe, Ukraine, Asia ...what does that have to do with JPMorgan/Chase and JP's house in Portland? A lot. That's what this website & are for. 


If you don't know natural history, life is naturally, a mystery

(15-of-19 cont from above) Take a look at history. First the Fed/City of London bankers got rid of the middle class in New York City. Then they got rid of the middle class and working class in San Francisco. Now in Multnomah County, where Portland Antifa Oregon is, they want to make owning single family homes a relic, they just changed the zoning to put up a 4-plex or several row houses on the same 5,000 sq ft lot that used to only be allowed to have one family.

Soros' initial hiring of a private Antifa army maybe 500-to-1,000 criminally insane thugs per major city

A lot to show you who the people are that are make nuclear global warming and nuclear climate change, and Soros' initial hiring of a private Antifa army maybe 500-to-1,000 criminally insane thugs per major city, who are now burning down American businesses and parading around with rifles in the wee hours in your cities and now are dispatched into surrounding neighborhoods.  


You've seen them. You fear them. You smell danger from them, strangers in your city, desperate looking, casing the neighborhood on children's bicycles, looking for an easy score, a victim, a theft, a confrontation ... with nothing to lose. 


(16-of-19 cont from above) Fukushima is continuing to poison Portland, Oregon Antifa, United Nations Agenda 21/30. Portland Antifa is just over the other pond, from Fukushima. Portland Antifa prides itself on t-shirts and bumper stickers, as being ‘weird’. Seventeen states & Puerto Rico & District of Columbia, have laws intended to provide statewide fluoridation … [Oregon] is not one of them [].

Portland Antifa citizens repeatedly vote to keep fluoride out of drinking water and keep it pure, based on new scientific research that fluoride reduces I.Q. in children and causes dementia in seniors …with all the pro and con documentation included in their voter handbook. Some weirdo’s document that fluoride calcifies your pineal gland, or ‘third eye’, the seat of your foresight, hindsight, imagination, dreams, intuition, simply seeing beyond normal sight …after all, the pineal gland has rods and cones like your other two eyes. …say it isn’t so.

Portland Antifa doesn’t know an organic farm in southeast Portland southeast Antifa voluntarily closed down because it was permanently contaminated from Fukushima radionuclide rain-through (nuclear fallout) and resultant nuclear fallout ground shine …it could no longer grow food safe to eat, ever again. Nor, that Portland Antifa had/has the most rain-through and ground shine of Fukushima fallout in the U.S., as much as around Fukushima Dai-Ichi. The Pacific Cascades, even more.

Just as in Seattle folks did not know, and still do not know, they breathed in hot particles daily that increase nose bleeds and asthma and pneumonia then lodge in the lungs and cause lung cancer, we here in Portland Antifa did not know we breathed hot particles in, too.

Not a peep from the people of Portlandia, Antifia, news or city commissioners …nothing. Not even from Obama, Hillary or Trump when auguring for the inauguration. Not a single word.

That’s weird.


Having Antifa hire the homeless and pay them with speed and heroin

(17-of-19 cont from above) Soros is probably having Antifa hire the homeless to help them and paying them with speed and heroin ...before too long, anyway. Just keep buying guns. The sales records are falling and our tempers are rising. Cause if the morons succeed with castrating the police departments, ain't no one gonna save your a** but you.


Extinction-level journeys

(18-of-19 cont from above) We trace the tragic extinction-level journeys of whales and dolphins in currents constantly re-filled for six years with floating and submerged Fukushima plutonium from Japan to the west coast. There, they surround and circle fishing boats crying and lay their heads against a boat, pleading for help, breaching and listing, swimming in circles helplessly, huge tumors on their heads, hiding by the hundreds in small harbors. Then, the whales and dolphins wash up dead and dying on the beaches, alonside dead crabs, starfish, octopi and pelicans in a death frieze, pressed into the sand from Alaska to Mexico.

Note the Alaskan seals, eyes bleeding and faces covered in lesions and tumors where jet stream rain-through brought airborne Fukushima hot radionuclide particles down upon them, and the polar bears, marked like the salmon with lesions and tumors from seaborne hot particles.Notice the young sea lion pups off California, not one survived where thousands were expected, birds falling from the sky, thousands washing up dead on the shorelines, harbors covered with dead fish and in California the skin is falling off the horses just like the seals, faces of both covered in bleeding lesions and tumors. 


(19-of-19 cont from above) If the birds and the bees and the flowers and the trees could talk, they would clearly say Judaic-Christian culture is again witnessing Nazi boot heels trying to crush out God, Divine Law & Spirituality on the sidewalk like a cigarette butt ...tweet that.

When the U.S. under the financial dictatorship of the Fed/City of London incorporated Nazi intelligencers, Nazi rocket scientists & engineers and Nazi biological warfare scientists into the U.S. fabric, it was not known the extent to which this would lead: Nazism was built to eradicate Judaic-Christian morality and equality and turn society into a pagan male dominated phallic society where winner takes all and the ends justify the means. That has begotten the social ills we face, today.

Perhaps the worship of science over the worship of the sanctity of Life is a result, the burning of the American flag, the disbelief in a universal creator that is religious in nature but leads those with feeling to true spirituality ...are what the nazis of desire try to eliminate instead promoting personal sensualism and self gratification over universal community and sharing.

The fascism you see in the streets of Portland Oregon, Multnomah County Antifa Oregon, UN County is a testament of the vain and uneducated and heartless and stupid and brainwashed people who end up in government, here at the gubernatorial and mayorial and county supervisory, State and Federal levels ...and across the United States. 

Great civilizations fall from within. Common sense is that everyone have food and shelter and clothing and medical care and security against bullying at individual and State levels. Personal wealth should have a cap. Everyone should be paid the same wage in order to survive. And those that try to overpower other people or other countries with bullying or dogma or stock markets or violence should be imprisoned or dispatched.

Every single and qualified person should be armed and trained until the mentally ill are institutionalized, the criminally insane executed, the sociopathic divested and imprisoned, the evil incapacitated and the selfish have their possessions and income capped. We live in a society of adult children who haven't learned the rules of the road and how to share (and no idea why they are on Earth in the first place ...which is to respect Mother Earth and care for it and to nurture life) ... and we remain at their mercy. 



{excerpted (here) from:}

The Pacific Ocean Is Dying And You Don't Even Know: The Nuclear Regulatory Commission's Final Solution For Mammals, Gaia & Divine Order

Got milk?

Milk from cows across the USA is reported too full of Fukushima fallout to be safe to drink because our pastures, like Japan’s, are covered with Fukushima fallout shine, and the breast milk of women in Japan and Tokyo is filled with Fukushima radionuclides and unsafe. [Editor’s note: See Chapter 38, Got Milk?]

Children are being born there with extra legs like the animals in Chernobyl, and kids being born without brains around Hanford, today just like when they closed it down when sheep were born without faces or mouths and legs joined.

It is too much for me to bear; I go out walking in the snow till my feet get too cold and look up into the clear night filled with stars, the air is crisp and clean and I am torn apart. It is all a State secret, in Japan and in the United States, too. All mammals (including human) are stricken in awe, breathing a death rattle. The nuclear energy industry reassures us, nuclear energy is safe and clean. I am not comforted.

Girls versus boys

People within 25 miles or downwind of a reactor, like in Manhattan, are more likely to get cancer. In Japan from Fukushima fallout, women, fetuses, newborns and girls have higher cancer rates than men and boys. We argue: the directors of the nuclear energy industry are misanthropes and misogynists.

Speaking of embryos, fetuses, and unborn children and abortions in Fukushima, Chernobyl, Hanford, and Semipalatinsk, Kazakhstan affected by fallout, let me say only this: Look in the following photos, inside the jars of formaldehyde pickled on the shelves do you see the fully developed baby with no face and the single eye in the middle of the oversized forehead? ...yes, the cyclops. That one. Is that clean and safe enough for you?

We promise you before this book is over, we will name the perpetrators. And we will ask them the same question.

And in Fallujah Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan affected by depleted uranium weapons see the living newborns and toddlers with stretched out and squashed faces like they were made of nutty putty, is this safe and clean enough?

U.S. soldiers stationed in Fallujah Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan suffer more casualties from suicide than combat; and thousands of casualties from depleted uranium friendly fire causing cancer and related diseases …courtesy of the nuclear power industry. Not to mention the dark fate of the U.S. sailors upon the U.S.S. Ronald Reagan stationed as guinea pigs off the shore of the exploding and melting down Fukushima reactors.

We will come to know Marco Kaltofen, and his work on hot spots. And the work of Janet Sherman and Joseph Mangano.

A walk in the park in the dark

We look at Japan’s public relations solution that radionuclides don’t hurt people who are happy and smile, just people with a gloomy disposition, and, at founding of ‘smile parks’ for children to play in, and at play areas, schools, whole villages and sidewalks in Tokyo chosen at random by fallout in Japan that in the U.S. would be radiation control zones. We argue: there is a misanthropic fallout cover-up of Olympian and global proportions, culminating in the 2020 Olympics being held in Japan as part of the cover-up and its consequences, as Japanese suffer and wither like human guinea pigs. We ponder any advisory role of CIA in drafting Japan’s new laws defining as treason journalists ‘forcing opinions onto others’ that disagree with the State, and propaganda used in covering-up danger from the nuclear energy industry in Japan, the U.S., and around the world.

In the United States under the Obama Administration, radiation measurement instruments are removed by EPA in areas exceeding radiation safety levels because they are assumed to be faulty and never returned.

The global nuclear energy industry says that plutonium and fallout is good for you and builds up your resistance to disease, that Fukushima radiation is less dangerous than radiation you get eating a banana or potato chips, or sleeping beside someone, or from a walk in the park on a sunny day. We disagree with the global nuclear energy industry, the United Nations, the United States, Japan, and the University of California. We side with the nuclear whistleblowers, who point out that industry apologists make no distinction between exposure to natural radiation and ingesting manmade radionuclides: inhaling one atom of plutonium increases your chances of getting cancer.

The reactors that blew up at Fukushima had over 30 years of nuclear waste stored on top. The reactor cores that melted down aerosolized into the jet streams and otherwise dispersed as hot particles covering the entire northern hemisphere and as molten lava burned down into water aquifers polluting the Pacific Ocean daily the last six years amounts to 600 tons of plutonium. The plutonium bomb dropped on Nagasaki had 16 pounds. I don't smile over it, not even make one joke and I'm a funny guy. Instead, I cry. My heart is broken. My cheeks and nose streak with tears. They get on my fingers and cover my keyboard. They are not hot tears. They make my face cold. Is that clean enough for you?

Smile that.

 Now you know's their names