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Hundreds of millions of Pacific salmon missing – ocean life dies – Yuba River – Klamath – Juneau – Japan – North Pacific Ocean — 3:40 PM Mar 19, 2017 -8861- Report: Hundreds of millions of Pacific salmon missing, presumed dead – Gov’t issues emergency order along U.S. West Coast – Japan suffering historic collapse, fish starving to death – All forms of ocean life dying in stunning numbers across Pacific 

Nuclear Energy Creates Nuclear Global Warming

Currently, the G8 central banks want you to believe that it is not the nuclear energy industry that is destroying all Life on this planet. The G8 wants you to think it is global warming. The G8 creates all the nuclear energy problems because it owns the nuclear energy. Banks like the World Bank, The International Monetary Fund, The Import Export Bank, and The Bank of International Settlements …all pressure countries to install nuclear power as a condition of qualifying for a loan and borrowing money or getting foreign aid from the U.S. That is hidden from you by a corrupt Congress. Now, they're hiding that the United Nations working on orders from World Bank & IMF (Fed/City of London) are making countries take the CV-19 vaccine to get financial help (loans & debt) to restore their countries from the ravishes of CV-19 & 'global warming', 

Then, G8 blames all the new and mysterious diseases on global warming.[1] It’s like pin the tail on the donkey, or piñata …except, there is no donkey, and there is no piñata …you keep wandering around blindfolded in the dark, forever trying to save the animals, without knowing who to blame for killing them.

In Ukraine and Belarus in Russia, the former Soviet Union, they had a nuclear reactor that blew up and melted down and destroyed all kinds of living things, and the ability for life to reproduce itself after its own kind.[2] Their scientists discovered that nuclear energy mutates and distorts viruses and bacteria, so that viruses and bacteria now create new and mysterious diseases, unknown to mankind, that are currently destroying Life in the Pacific Ocean.

It is not global warming that is creating new and mysterious diseases that is destroying all the life in the Pacific Ocean. It is viruses and bacteria that have been bathed in radionuclides that are mutating the viruses and bacteria, and the mutated viruses and bacteria are creating new and mysterious diseases.

If that’s all you learn from this book, you are already smarter than the 50,000,000 democrats that voted for Hillary, and smarter than the 50,000,000 republicans that voted for Trump. It’s that simple.

That’s because not one of those 100,000,000 people is smart enough to stand up against the propaganda machine that dumbs them down and makes them argue about things that don’t matter, like, ‘who is taller?’, democrats or republicans? …instead of uniting as one people in a common humanity to stop war, to stop hunger, to stop disease, to stop junk food, to stop homelessness, to save the animals …the minds of 100,000,000 people are junk food ...& the Fed/City of London central banksters own 100% of public mind).

Instead, the mind controlled robots argue about Trump’s income taxes, or about Hillary’s body double, or Obama’s pension.

The bible says, “These things ye should have done, and not left the others, undone.” Stopping nuclear energy is one of the things you can do, and should do, to save the animals. Either you will undo nuclear energy; or nuclear energy will undo you.  Because, you are an animal, too!

[1] Global warning and global cooling cycles:   [2] Chernobyl.

Once you want to know their names & find out who they are, you can stop them & the damage by talking about it with your friends. And, be as funny as you can. Like saying, hey why don't we help the central bankers take their heads out of their butts, or shove them in farther?