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It is all a State secret, in Japan and in the United States, too. All mammals (including human) are stricken in awe, breathing a death rattle. The nuclear energy industry reassures us, nuclear energy is safe and clean. I am not comforted.

Girls versus boys

People within 25 miles or downwind of a reactor, like in Manhattan, are more likely to get cancer. In Japan from Fukushima fallout, women, fetuses, newborns and girls have higher cancer rates than men and boys. We argue: the directors of the nuclear energy industry are misanthropes and misogynists.

Speaking of embryos, fetuses, and unborn children and abortions in Fukushima, Chernobyl, Hanford, and Semipalatinsk, Kazakhstan affected by fallout, let me say only this: Look in the following photos, inside the jars of formaldehyde pickled on the shelves do you see the fully developed baby with no face and the single eye in the middle of the oversized forehead? ...yes, the cyclops. That one. Is that clean and safe enough for you?

We promise you before this book is over, we will name the perpetrators. And we will ask them the same question.

And in Fallujah Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan affected by depleted uranium weapons see the living newborns and toddlers with stretched out and squashed faces like they were made of nutty putty, is this safe and clean enough?

U.S. soldiers stationed in Fallujah Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan suffer more casualties from suicide than combat; and thousands of casualties from depleted uranium friendly fire causing cancer and related diseases …courtesy of the nuclear power industry. Not to mention the dark fate of the U.S. sailors upon the U.S.S. Ronald Reagan stationed as guinea pigs off the shore of the exploding and melting down Fukushima reactors.

We will come to know Marco Kaltofen, and his work on hot spots. And the work of Janet Sherman and Joseph Mangano.

A walk in the park in the dark

We look at Japan’s public relations solution that radionuclides don’t hurt people who are happy and smile, just people with a gloomy disposition, and, at founding of ‘smile parks’ for children to play in, and at play areas, schools, whole villages and sidewalks in Tokyo chosen at random by fallout in Japan that in the U.S. would be radiation control zones. We argue: there is a misanthropic fallout cover-up of Olympian and global proportions, culminating in the 2020 Olympics being held in Japan as part of the cover-up and its consequences, as Japanese suffer and wither like human guinea pigs. We ponder any advisory role of CIA in drafting Japan’s new laws defining as treason journalists ‘forcing opinions onto others’ that disagree with the State, and propaganda used in covering-up danger from the nuclear energy industry in Japan, the U.S., and around the world.

In the United States under the Obama Administration, radiation measurement instruments are removed by EPA in areas exceeding radiation safety levels because they are assumed to be faulty and never returned.

The global nuclear energy industry says that plutonium and fallout is good for you and builds up your resistance to disease, that Fukushima radiation is less dangerous than radiation you get eating a banana or potato chips, or sleeping beside someone, or from a walk in the park on a sunny day. We disagree with the global nuclear energy industry, the United Nations, the United States, Japan, and the University of California. We side with the nuclear whistleblowers, who point out that industry apologists make no distinction between exposure to natural radiation and ingesting manmade radionuclides: inhaling one atom of plutonium increases your chances of getting cancer.

The reactors that blew up at Fukushima had over 30 years of nuclear waste stored on top. The reactor cores that melted down aerosolized into the jet streams and otherwise dispersed as hot particles covering the entire northern hemisphere and as molten lava burned down into water aquifers polluting the Pacific Ocean daily the last six years amounts to 600 tons of plutonium. The plutonium bomb dropped on Nagasaki had 16 pounds. I don't smile over it, not even make one joke and I'm a funny guy. Instead, I cry. My heart is broken. My cheeks and nose streak with tears. They get on my fingers and cover my keyboard. They are not hot tears. They make my face cold. Is that clean enough for you?

Smile that.

 Now you know ...here's their names