A Menu of Stimulating Activities to Choose From

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Health improvement and life enhancement thru the arts: "She wheeled her chair over to me to say she felt such a strong need to say how much joy the program brought to her and to the other participants; how valuable it was to know that someone like me cared about old people like them". ~ Anthony Hyatt, Musician

We organize activities around clients' accomplishments in life in an emotionally warm and caring way, engaging clients' cognitive brain-processing areas, using brain science to improve their quality of life; and may include:

Art & Performing Arts <> Autobiography <> Assemblage <> Clay <> Collage <> Coloring <> Dance <> Design <> Exercise (movement) <> Food Tasting <> Fiction <> Filmmaking <> Folk Arts <> Graphic Design <> Journalism <> Literature <> Media Arts <> Mixed Media Art <> Movement <> Museums <> Music (creating) <> Music Appreciation <> Musical Theatre <> Opera <> Oral Journalism <> Photography <> Poetry (writing) <> Pottery <> Printmaking <> Scrapbooks (& photo albums) <> Singing <> Storytelling <> Theatre <> Watercolor <> Viewing short films together followed by discussion <> Visual Arts 


  1. Writing down one's thoughts, expressing preferences (favorites), getting group concensus ... Language- and visual communication imagery

2. Music, meditation, sharing feelings, favorites ... Intra-and-inter-personal, musical-, hearing- and visual communication imagery

3. Mood in one's mind ... drawing the imagination ... Kinesthetic, spacial-, visual- and spiritual communication imagery

4. Self-expression thru sculpture, drawing, painting, coloring ... Spacial-, visual- and kinesthetic communication imagery

5. Self-expression thru movement (and movement therapy), massage, and dance ... Kinesthetic-, visual-, and musical imagery communication

6. Words/poetry imagery and stories ... Linguistic-, intra-and-inter-personal communication imagery

7. Food for thought ... Linguistic-, kinesthetic-, intra/inter-personal communication imagery

8. Theme event ... Intra-and-interpersonal relationships, spatial-, visual-, kinesthetic-, musical-, linguistic-, and visual modes of communication imagery

9. Photography and scrapbooking ... Linguistic-, visual-, intra-and-interpersonal relationships, kinesthetic- and spacial modes of communication imagery, discussion

10. Food tasting ... Tasting-sensory communication imagery

11. Psychic (intuitive) communication imagery ... Extra-sensory (intuitive nonverbal-, direct- or remote psychic reading-, healing- and communication imagery

12. Spiritual communication imagery ... Comforting visits by religious authorities corresponding to client belief system.

Our methodology structures left-brain and right-brain functioning into corresponding cognitive activities. Peak cognitive performance uses both






 Arithmetic Puzzles
 Reading Story boards
 Sequential Food, recipes
 Concrete reality
Orientation, names, nouns
 Visual Paints, color, form
 Reactive skills
 Body, movement
 Emotional Photographs

 Sculpture, 3-D work

 Playful Being in the moment