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How is Antifa practically on the Bechtel Shroder bank Soros & JPMorganChase payroll?

USA: Estacada & Mollala Arsonists 


EYEWITNESS NEWSFLASH: "YOU LOOT, WE SHOOT ...& the bodies will never be found" – battlecry of arson victims & fire refugees in Estacada & Mollala OR raging wildfires destroying property, life savings & animals

8 P.M. 9/14/2020 Portland Oregon  Antifa OREGON: NEWSFLASH – How many wildlife & domestic animals & pets: animals, deer, cows, dogs, cats, birds, sheep, squirrels, rabbits, foxes, skunks, racoons, dogs & cats have been trapped & burnt alive by the raging fires in Estacata & Mollala? ...by looters/agents provocateurs who smashed windows & started fires in, & looted stores for several months in Portland now going out to rural Estacata & Mollala ...where eyewitness testimony confirms the looters are throwing firebombs to start & spread the fires in houses to loot them. Citizen patrol groups have formed as well as volunteer police officers from as far away as Vancouver Washington to help the residents, who now say, "You loot, we shoot ...&  the bodies will never be found." (cont, here)

  Funding riots, looting, fires & insurrection Birds dying by the millions (here)


(Editor's note: BTW the Nazi party was started with three German intelligence officers & murderers & deviants recruited in the local prisons ...Soros worked for these type of Nazi criminals & is deploying their agents provocateurs techniques hiring the criminally insane today at $26/hr to riot & set fires ...he was advertising in Portland Oregon Antifia Oregon several years ago on Craigslist for "protestors to travel from city to city".)

Where were we 8 years ago with electrical grid solutions since PG&E & other electric utilities are causing most wildfires besides lightning, arsonists & advanced technology: 

02:34 AM Nov 11, 2012 -4735.1- Germany producing too much power after turning off nuclear reactors? Experts warn gas-driven plants are shutting down — Wind, solar, hydro prices are too low.


  1. What does the electrical grid have to do with Antifa riots, looting, setting fires & sabotage?
  2. In a minute, you're gonna learn who owns, controls & directs nuclear as military warfare & financial warfare weapons.
  3. These folks own & direct the electric utility companies, as well as the corporations polluting the Earth causing extinction of Life.
  4. You'll see how a foreign-owned entity that dictates to Donald Trump, Nancy Pelosi & Congress is launching wholesale sabotage against the United States to reduce it & the western world to third world countries.
  5. This homepage will connect the dots for you & change your life so you know what's really going on around you & can stop it, cold. 



01-We expect grid fails from a red flag EMP attack, not this

 02-CDC CV-19: 9,500 dead not fake 150,000 ...Fed coup fails

'Peaceful' rioters set fire at home of stupid Portland mayor Biz owner w/family starving warns cty of veteran revolution  

LIVE: Breaking Day 96 RIOTS LA NY DC BLM

Portland State troopers sworn is as Federal deputies