Portland Metropolitan Creative Aging Center

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Aging thru Art

Portland Metropolitan Creative Aging Center

Again to see and laugh and dance and sing

Portland Metropolitan Creative Aging Center

...is a Creative Aging Senior Destination for caregivers to take senior clients and special needs and gifted children for art expression and guidance for the purpose of cognitive development and is overseen by qualified and talented artists and performing artists, caregivers and special needs instructors, including an Art Museum, Art Classroom, Studio Space and Performing Arts Center. We also make on-site visits and provide creative aging services on-site through our Creative Aging on Wheels program, to hospitals, senior centers, retirement communities, adult day care centers, adult homes and nursing homes ...and, train and supply local artists to be hospital artists-in-residence, thru our Hospital Artist-in-Residence Program.


Our other programs include:

Creative Aging On Wheels 

Hospital Artist-in-Residence Program is based on and co-partnered with two programs from The Creative Center at University Settlement in New York: The Creative Center Hospital Artist-in-Residence Program ...serving the seriously and/or terminally ill at their bedside, and, The Art Workshop Program ...serving survivors of serious illness in an art studio setting.

  • Hospital Artist-In-Residence Program
    Trains and employs artists to work in hospitals, hospices, cancer centers, senior programs and other health care facilities to provide art experiences at patients' bedsides, treatment areas, and in waiting rooms to patients, families, and health care staff.

  • Art Workshop Programs
    Provides daily free-of-charge art workshops to people with cancer and other chronic illnesses on a semester basis. Class curriculum covers a variety of mediums including photography, drawing, writing, painting, jewelry design, dance, acting, sculpting and is taught by professional artists and art educators.

Creative Aging Classroom is a senior art classroom destination for caregivers to take senior clients and special needs or gifted children for art lessons to enhance cognitive development taught by our artists certified by us to focus on cognitive development and overseen by qualified caregivers and special needs instructors.

Training & Certification is a program for artists, performing artists, caregivers and administors, where they are trained to apply creative aging techniques and modalities to maintain and enhance senior cognition. This program is modeled after programs on the west coast at The Northwest Center for Creative Aging in Seattle, Washington; and programs on the East Coast in New York City: The Creative Center at University Settlement, and Lifetime Arts, offering a national directory of K-12 teaching artists and organizations and holding training workshops for K-12 art teachers introducing the emerging creative aging field and job opportunities, and Arts & Aging Toolkit, designed for leaders and program staff in public, nonprofit, and for-profit arts and humanities organizations and institutions and in healthcare and aging services organizations, corporations, and institutions.

Portland Metropolitan Museum of Art is a Senior Art Destination for caregivers to take senior clients and special needs and gifted children, with Art Museum Galleries, Art Classrooms, Studio Space and a Performing Arts Center for the purposed of cognitive development overseen by qualified and talented caregivers and special needs instructors.

Portland Metropolitan Performing Arts Center provides Senior artist and senior performing artist studio, rehearsal and performance space for seniors overseen by qualified and talented caregivers and special needs instructors.

Annual Creative Aging Festival follows in the tradition established by the City of Bloomington, Indiana creative aging festival to highlight artistic talents of older adults and showcase creative aging events and exhibits to enhance senior cognition and happiness.

Portland Metropolitan Art Patron is a Portland Metropolitan Creative Aging Center endowment drive and fundraising mechanism that guides you and/or your corporation or municipality or government entity to building valuable and financially appreciating art investment portfolios that support local artists.

Portland Metropolitan Creative Aging Endowment Lottery is an audited fundraising mechanism that repeatedly and predictably rewards one out of every three pocket-change donors by equaling in winnings the amount they wagered while equally supporting our endowment and operations activities for the sole purpose of providing free creative aging services to qualifying seniors.

Starving Artist Program gives food to low income artists[Sponsors: City of Portland Police Bureau Sunshine Division & Trader Joe's.*] 

*To get on the waiting list, email akernoff2009@gmail.com. This program also helps provide art supplies and pet food and sells existing and commissioned art work to government for display in public buildings and parks, and to corporations, and private parties.

Portland Metropolitan Creative Aging Center has pending 501(c)3 status.