Left and Right Brain Cognitive Art Education

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Aging thru Art

cognitive art activity for seniors

Individual and group sessions


(Note: As methodologies are similar, Aging Thru Art Cognitive Arts Intervention Education cites  TTAP Method clinical research ...and, writing as follows in this website draws heavily upon TTAP documentation and footnotes.)

Aging Thru Art Cognitive Art Staircase Therapy structures left-brain and right-brain functioning into activities and protocols.


 Left-brain And Right-brain Cognitive Functioning

Right Side
 Left Side
 Creative Logical
 Inspiration Arithmetic
 Visual Reading
 Reactive skills
 Emotional Concrete
 Artistic Rational
 Playful Goal-oriented


Which Activities Stimulate LEFT Brain Functioning

Left Side Creative Art

 Logical/rational Reminiscence
 Arithmetic Puzzles
 Reading Story boards
 Sequential Food, recipes
 Concrete reality
Orientation, names of objects / people


Which Activities Stimulate RIGHT Brain Functioning

Right Side Creative Art

 Inspiration Object relations
 Visual Paints, color, form
 Reactive skills
 Body, movement
 Emotional Photographs
 Creative/artistic Sculpture, 3-D work
 Playful Being in the moment















Peak Performance -- Using both regularly

 Left Side
 Logic, math, reading, speaking
 Right Side
 Creativity, inspiration, visual