The Pacific Ocean is Dying - and you don't even know

The Pacific Ocean is Dying - and you don't even know | National Nuclear Fallout Reference Database |

You can help save animals you love from miserable deaths when you know

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(NOTE: WE ARE TRYING TO MAKE THE SEARCHABLE MS WORD DATABASE  DOWNLOADABLE FROM THIS WEBSITE FREE AS A PUBLIC SERVICE BY 9/1/17. BEFORE OR AFTER 9/1/17: If you want to order the free National Nuclear Fallout Reference Database in an MS Word file format on a free USB drive (thumb drive/memory stick), the fee for loading the free USB drive, shipping and handling is $59.00. To get to our PayPal and credit card shipping and handling link, located in the PayPal secure server: to pay $59.00 for loading the free USB drive (thumb drive/memory stick), shipping and handling, and to provide your name and mailing address, click here. No refunds. Allow 30 days for order processing and delivery. For faulty USB drives, contact:

Why should you get the free MS Word version of The Nuclear Fallout National Reference Database?

~ The search engine works in the Word version, so type any word or phrase into the search box, like, whale, horse, sea lion, plutonium, sailor, Hanford, New York, Clinton, Kissinger, Trump, Obama, food chain, fallout, for example ...and you will have all related stories from the 9,000 newswire entries to knock your socks off and nail down your facts, document your argument and reporting, and your win your argument

~ Document the premises of your journalism and legal arguments to prove you are correct in your reporting or opinion by drawing off 9,000 newswire listings of all the news stories from Mar 2011-thru-Aug 2017 reporting 'controlled' and uncontrolled nuclear energy mishaps such as mutating animals, plants, water, air, earth, viruses, bacteria and all living things to cause cancer and new and mysterious diseases

~ Win your argument with a parent, friend or jury and prove that nuclear energy is not safe or clean, and is unhealthy for animals and all living creatures that reproduce themselves after their own kind

~ If you are a researcher, reporter, attorney, activist, environmentalist, nuclear worker, student, female, concerned citizen or city council member ... we suggest you get the free MS Word version of the database for serious research and documentation purposes.

~ Pass your cursor over the number of the endnote in the main text, the endnote appears in a box above the main text

~ You can toggle back and forth from the main text to any of the 703 endnotes in the database

~ The national reference database of 9,000 hand-numbered newswire blurbs are links to the original listings which link to 25,000 articles published in the mainstream press from Mar 2011-thru-Aug 2017, scientific white papers and presentations, youtube presentations, and excerpted interviews and books

~ Each one of the 9,000 newswire blurb are links that are hand-numbered for quick and easy reference to friends and strangers, alike

~ In the MS Word version, the search engine is fully functional.

NOTE: the MS Word file of The National Nuclear Fallout Reference Database runs only on MS Word-compatible systems - check with your computer expert.


A free pdf book series by a Portland reporter documents animals in the Pacific Ocean near extinction from nuclear fallout (and nuclear waste) and ongoing health effects of airborne and seaborne Fukushima fallout on people living in Portland, Seattle, Vancouver B.C., Pacific Northwest, West Coast and across the U.S. and fallout devastating sailors on U.S.S. Reagan denied proper medical diagnosis and legal remedy. G8 central bankers -- the nuclear energy military-industrial banking, war and money machine -- is responsibile for millions of dead daily in the Pacific Ocean since 2011 for the next 250,000 years. If you don't act now, who will be left? The Life Force is suffering as never before. Can you feel it? It needs our help. ~ Please share this ALERT



~ You can text the url: ...then open the website on a cell phone, hit the 'view' button' on the website and the pdf file will open on a cell phone -- or just open the site on your cell phone and press the 'view' button to display the book(s).

~ If you order a USB thumb drive with the MS Word file of the database (with the MS Word endnote and search engine features), please make copies and distribute them to your friends, or memberships, and ask them to do the same.

~ To get these PDF books free, please promise yourself to send the name of this website to everyone you know. Our goal is to phase out nuclear power and phase in alternative energy as soon as possible. The books are useful to everyone whether you are for or against nuclear energy ...the Life force is suffering as never before, can you feel it? It needs our help. You need to know, you need to act, now.






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